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Our expert aesthetic nurse practitioner is here to enhance your beauty. We offer non-surgical procedures to achieve stunning results without the scalpel. Book with us at Restorative Health & Wellness and you’ll get:

  • Natural and personalized results so that you still feel like your unique and beautiful self
  • Experience an improvement in self-esteem and confidence due to enhanced appearance and reduction in the visible signs of aging
  • Follow-up visits to ensure your satisfaction
  • Look and feel your best
Freckled woman face receiving injection

NEUROTOXINS (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin)

Our skilled injector creates a natural and refreshed look without making the face appear frozen.

Handsome man getting facial skincare treatment at salon


  • Quick and convenient
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Natural appearance
  • Results typically last anywhere from 3-6 months depending on the area treated
  • Our skilled injector creates a natural and refreshed look without making the face appear frozen


  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Smile lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Frown lines (“elevens” and marionette)
  • Necklace lines
  • Bunny lines
  • Décolleté (chest) lines
  • Chin lines and dimples
  • Smoker’s lines (fine lines around the lips)


  • Instantly fill lines and restore volume
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Minimally invasive with little to no downtime
  • Reduces wrinkles, skin depressions, and other signs of aging
  • Long-lasting results from 1-2 years
  • Our aesthetic nurse practitioner carefully selects the best type of fillers tailored to the specific areas of your injections, ensuring your skin is revitalized without looking overdone or artificial


  • Cheeks, jawline, chin, and temples for increased structure, contour, and support
  • Undereyes for sunken tear troughs and rejuvenation
  • Lips for hydration, symmetry, and balance
  • Hands for volume restoration
  • Necklace/”tech-neck” lines

FILLERS (Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero)

Experience the rejuvenating benefits of dermal fillers and enjoy a more voluminous, youthful, vibrant appearance with minimal interruption to your daily life.

woman having lip injection for lip augmentation


Stimulate your own collagen for firmer, smoother, more voluminous, and glowing skin

Near eye injection at spa salon. Doctor hands. Closeup. High quality


  • Longer-lasting than traditional fillers
  • Natural and gradual results
  • Address overall facial, neck, chest, or body volume loss, thin and dull skin, wrinkles, and crepey skin
  • Minimal downtime


  • Global Facial volume
  • Temples
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Hands
  • Back of Arms
  • Thigs
  • Knees
  • Buttocks


  • The Gold standard of microneedling
  • The only FDA-approved microneedling protocol for collagen synthesis
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Minimal downtime
  • Precise micro-injuries stimulate collagen and and elastin production which are essential for smoother, firmer, and more even skin
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Scar reduction
  • Minimize pores
  • Tighten skin and combat sagging
  • Reduce hyperpigmentation
  • Enhance product absorption


  • Face and Neck included
  • Add-ons: Chest, Scars, other areas of concern


Reset your skin from the inside-out with a 45-minute microneedling treatment to the face and neck for younger looking skin

Procedure of induction therapy with microneedles and collagen on the face of a European man close-up

PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma)

Treatment with your own platelet cells that brings nutrients and growth factors to promote new cell growth for rejuvenated skin or hair.

injections therapy against hair loss and anti-dandruff of a beautiful woman in a beauty salon


  • Facial fine lines, deep lines for gradual volume restoration
  • Undereyes to improve dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce puffiness and bags by improving elasticity and tightness in the area
  • Scalp for hair restoration of mild to moderate hair loss- natural solution to hair loss without medications or surgical hair transplantation
  • Wonderful add-on to SkinPen to increase the amount of collagen production to the skin in one session by up to 8x